The Lower Merion Township Scholarship Fund (LMTSF) was created more than 50 years ago by a group of community leaders, with the support of the School Board, to assist students graduating from our district’s high schools. In the last ten years, the Scholarship Fund has given a total of approximately $100,000-125,000 each year to an average of 115 students. These awards are based solely on need, using information provided by the students and their families, on a confidential basis, to an outside financial aid consultant who determines the amount of need for each applicant.

To be eligible, a student must have graduated from Harriton High School or Lower Merion High School; must have resided in the Township and attended schools in the Lower Merion School District for at least four years; and must be attending an accredited college, university, or trade or vocational school on a full-time basis. Fundraising is a community effort and is ongoing. Students can submit applicants for grants between November and February. The recipients are notified in May. Note that a renewal of a LMTSF grant may vary year to year as the amounts are determined by the updated financial package submitted by the students.

All grants are paid directly to the college or university of choice upon verification of the student’s enrollment as a full-time student. If a recipient changes schools, he/she must notify the Lower Merion Scholarship Office at 610-645-1893. This change could result in the student’s need changing and may affect the amount of the grant.