LMTSF is proud to have ongoing support in the following Special Awards: (New awards are being established.)


Albert A. Garthwaite, Jr. Memorial
This award was established in 2000, and has helped many students over the years

Albert and Beverly Schiffrin Award
The Schiffrins were part of the founding group of parents that established the LMTSF in 1964.

Ann and Frank Cestare Scholarship
This scholarship was established by the children of Ann and Frank Cestare, who were part of the founding group of parents that established the LMTSF in 1964.

Anne Smith Memorial Scholarship
Ms. Smith was a teacher, an LMSD school board member, and active board member of the Lower Merion Township Scholarship Fund.

Ardmore Women's Club
This award was established by the Ardmore Women's Club to benefit a student that shows an interest in pursuing a career in the medical field or in education.

Athie Sosangelis-White Scholarship
Mrs. Sosangelis-White was a beloved Cynwyd teacher who retired in 2007 due to health issues.  She established this fund for friends and family to contribute to as a form of well-wishing, that she could continue to help students attain their educational goals even if she could not be teaching herself. Mrs. Sosangelis-White lost her battle with cancer soon after she retired.

David Schall III Award
This fund was established in memory of David Schall, who was a Lower Merion HS Grad.

Donald Eppinger Award
The Donald Eppinger Award was established in 1992 in memory of Mr. Donald Eppinger.  Many of the Eppinger family were graduates of Lower Merion High School.

Florence Sheperd Award
Florence Sheperd was the secretary of the original board of Governors of the Scholarship Fund and a music teacher in the Lower Merion Schools.

Fritz Brennan Memorial Scholarship
John J. "Fritz" Brennan is considered one of the best ever high school football coaches in the East.  As head football coach at Lower Merion High School, Brennan led teams that rolled up a record 32-game winning streak from 1954 to 1958 and won several suburban championships.  Brennan was an assistant coach at LM from 1947-1952, then served as head coach until 1969.  His career record at Lower Merion was 105 wins, 33 losses, and 5 ties.  From 1969 until his retirement he served as school athletic director.

George Cerio Award
George Cerio was a student at Lower Merion High School in 1955, when he was injured during an Automotive class, and was left paralyzed from the waist down.  The students of Lower Merion High school held a carnival for many years to raise funds to aid in George’s care.  When George passed away in 1984, the Scholarship Fund inherited money from his estate to help students pursue their academic dreams.

George H. Gilbert Scholarship
Mr. Gilbert was a teacher and former principal of Lower Merion High School.

Hank Plumly Award
This award was established in Memory of Mr. Plumly, a beloved teacher at Welsh Valley Middle School, by his colleagues and friends.

Hassel Foundation Scholarship
The Hassel Foundation Award was established in 1995, and has helped many students over the years.

Jackye Smith Scholarship
Jackye Smith taught at the elementary level 38 years in the LMSD, teaching last at Penn Valley Elementary School.  She was instrumental in the establishment of tutoring programs at the Ardmore Community Center and Bethel A.M.E., located in Ardmore. She continues to pursue avenues to assist minority students reach their educational goals.

Jacob Joyce Memorial Award
This Award was established in memory of Jacob Joyce, a Harriton High School Graduate, Class of 2002.

JoAnn Waters Memorial Award
This award was established in memory of JoAnn Waters, a well loved teacher at Welsh Valley Middle school, by her colleagues, friends and students.

John A. Turner Memorial Award
The John A. Turner Award was established in 1988 and has helped many students over the years.

John H. O'Donnel Memorial Award
Mr. O'Donnel was a Narberth Soccer Club Coach.

L.A. Eppinger Award
Mr. Eppinger was founder and director of the Lower Merion Federal Savings and Loan Association in Ardmore from 1936-1969.

Lower Merion/Harriton Alumni Association
This award is given in honor of graduates who died in World War I.

Mary Anne Hinkle  Memorial Scholarship
Mary Anne served as a secretary to the principals of Harriton High School for 23 years.  She loved sports, students, and the pursuit of learning.

Maurice L. Strauss
The Maurice Strauss Award was established in 1984 in honor of Mr. Maurice Strauss.  Mr. Strauss was a resident of Lower Merion for many years, and was the founder and popularly known as “Moe” of The Pep Boys, “Manny, Moe and Jack.”

Merion Community Award
The Merion Community Award was established by the board of directors of the Merion Community Association in 1995.  It was established to provide financial aid to students that live in the Merion area.

Michael and Barbara Fanning Scholarship
Michael Fanning was a long-time supporter of the Fund, an active member of the Board of Governors, and extremely involved in assisting students and families achieve their educational goals, right up to his death in 2007.

Nort Seaman Award
Mr. Seaman was a well-loved former Harriton HS Principal.

Phillip B. Cappalonga Scholarship
Mr. Cappalonga was a former principal of Narberth School.

Trey Davis Memorial Award
The Trey Davis Award was established in 2007.  Trey Davis was the child of Mr. Brett Davis and the grandchild of Mrs. Dolores Davis, both of whom were teachers at Welsh Valley.  It has been traditionally awarded to a student that attended Welsh Valley Middle School.

Anita and Howard Miller Memorial Scholarship
Anita Miller spent the majority of her life devoted to the enrichment and education of the children in her community.  She was a reading tutor for the Lower Merion School District, established a variety of educational and recreational programs within the district and her local community, served as Home and School president in 3 different schools, and was actively involved with the Scouts.

Dr. Joseph Foote Scholarship
Dr. Foote was a dentist in Ardmore.  His children graduated from Lower Merion High School and he was always involved in sports and community activities.  This award was established in his memory in 2009 by friends and family.

Harriton Class of 1964 Reunion Scholarship
This award was gifted by Class of 1964,  in celebration of  their 50th  Reunion.

Judy Vietri Scholarship
This award was established by colleagues, friends, and students of Judy Vietri.  Judy served as principal of Merion, Penn Valley and Belmont Hills Elementary school during her 33 years in the District. She was a strong advocate for students, especially those with special needs, and well love by her students and their parents. She currently serves on the LMTSF Board

Sabrina Dechnik Scholarship
Sabrina Dechnik was a Biology and Science teacher at Lower Merion High School from 1944-1979.

HHS Student Council
Over the years, the Harriton High School Student Council has raised money for the LMSTF, particularly via the Dr. Harriton event.

LeVan (Butch) Smith Scholarship
Mr. Smith is a retired art teacher who taught for many years at Harriton High School.   This award was established in his name to commemorate his 65th Birthday.

Aurora Award
This award was established from the proceeds from the Harriton High School Yearbook.

Kobe Bryant Award
Kobe Bryant was a graduate of Lower Merion High School and had a successful career playing professional basketball.

Cynwyd Elementary HSA Scholarship
This scholarship is funded by the Cynwyd HSA, which is committed to helping students reach their potential through education.

Moment of Integration Award
Established by the Moment of Integration Committee in  celebration the integration of schools in Ardmore in 1964.

Abraham Freedman Award
Dr. Freedman was a true Renaissance man.  A respected psychiatrist and clinician in the Philadelphia area, Dr. Freedman was also an avid sailor, fisherman, tennis player, and painter.  Serving as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army in World War II, Dr. Freedman received the U.S. Army's Legion of Merit Award.  He had a love for his Lower Merion Community, serving for 20 years on the Merion Civic Association.  He was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather until his passing in 2009.

Dr. Philip Selim Scholarship
Phil Selim was an active member of the LMTSF Board for 25 years.  He taught and served as assistant principal at Lower Merion High School before his retirement in 2003.  He firmly believed in education being the key to success in life and did all he could to ensure as many of his students as possible had a chance at higher education.

Lower Merion Class of  '63 50th Reunion Scholarship
This award is given to a Lower Merion High School graduate in honor of the 50th reunion of the Graduating Class of 1963.

Nancy Giordano Memorial Award
The Award was established in memory of Nancy by her family and friends to be awarded to a deserving student who exemplifies the "Spirit of the Alternative West."

Agnes M. Mahon Award
The Agnes M. Mahon Award was established in 1971 by her five children.  Over the years, the Mahon family has contributed more than $40,000 to LMTSF.

Beverly and Barry Brooks Award
This award was established in 1971 by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brooks and has been given to more than 40 Lower Merion and Harriton graduates over the years.

Caroline G. (Papoose) Turner Memorial Scholarship
Caroline Turner  was very active in the West Ardmore community instrumental in starting, promoting, and supporting neighborhood activities such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the “Soul Shack”, and the Ardmore “Steppers” marching group. And although she did not graduate high school, Mom maintained a life-long belief in the value of education and proved this by earning her GED late in her 50’s. It is the family’s hope that Caroline’s love of home, friends, and family and her memory will continue to endure in the community that was and always will truly be…”home” and that this annual award will remind the recipient that they are blessed and fortunate to call Lower Merion home!

Gilroy Roberts Scholarship
Gilroy Roberts (March 11, 1905, Philadelphia – January 26, 1992) was a sculptor, gemstone carver, and the ninth Chief Engraver of the United States Mint between 1948 and 1964. His most famous work is the Kennedy half-dollar coin.

Joseph (Joey) Pacifico/Class of '69 Award
The Pacifico Family established a scholarship in 1998.  The Scholarship was later named the Joey Pacifico, Class of 1969, Award in memoriam of the passing Joseph Pacifico.  Over the years, the Pacifico family has continued to generously support the Fund and our students.

Lower Merion Education Association
The Lower Merion Education Association is a merged local that consists of approximately 1325 professionals and educational support professionals. The LMEA has two primary missions: to protect and enhance the welfare of its members and to deliver the best possible educational programs.

Ardmore Banking Advisors
This new award was established to commerate the 25th anniversary of the firm in 2016.

Harriton Classes of 76 & 77 Scholarship
This award was gifted by Harriton Classes of 1976 and 1977  in celebration of  their 50th  Reunions.

Lower Merion Class of 2015
This award was established in 2015 and was given as gift after graduation.