2018-19 Board of Governors

2018 Board

The LMTSF Board of Governors is comprised of members of the Lower Merion Township and School community that are dedicated to the improvement of the lives of the community’s youth with higher education. The board consists of former HSA presidents, ISC members, LMSD staff and administrators, members of the LMEA, and other active community members.

Beth Altman
Shari Bickel, Chair
Saul Behar
Becky Bowlby
Diane DiBonaventuro
Nancy Einstein, Vice Chair
Michael Epstein
Norman Esibill
Juli Gruber-May
Beth Johnson, Secretary

Caryn Karmatz Rudy
Lucy Klain
Rich Marta
Katie McGlade
Lisa Pliskin
Stanton Remer, Treasurer
Gail Singer
Jacquelyn Smith
Rachel Somers,
Judy Vietri

Jill Braid
Jeannie Cohen
Arlene Flicker
Henry A. Gladstone, Esq.
Jay Goldberg
Sherry Haines
Marvin Levitties
Joan Lipman
L. Martin Miller
Ruth Niesen
Paul Petrillo