The Lower Merion Township Scholarship Fund (LMTSF)

LMTSF was founded in 1965 for the purpose of providing financial assistance to graduates of the Lower Merion public high schools who demonstrate financial need. All students who apply and are determined to have financial need will receive financial help. The LMTSF Board of Governors are volunteers. All financial information provided by applicants is forwarded directly to our financial consultant, who does not reside in Lower Merion Township. The consultant determines the amount of need for each applicant. The LMTSF Board members never see any individual financial information.




  The Following options are available to make your tax-free contribution to the Fund.
1. Send a check to: Lower Merion Township Scholarship Fund PO Box 346 Ardmore, PA 19003  To apply your gift to a special award, please note the check's memo.
2. Make a Contribution using PayPal:
3. Through United Way, checking donor option #08407.

Recognition Cards

The Lower Merion Township Scholarship Fund Recognition Cards are a great way to recognize a special teacher, administrator, or loved one while supporting the graduates of the Lower Merion School District.  Recognition cards can be given at any time during the year to mark a special holiday, birthday, anniversary, or any momentous occasion.





Choose An Amount
A Recognition eCard will be emailed to the Special Person that you choose to Recognize. (Recognition cards also adheres to the Lower Merion School District’s “No gift giving to teachers” policy.)



(There is no finer way to recognize an institution or loved one, than to set up an award in their name) Foundations, businesses, individuals, school organizations, and community associations have recognized the merit of supporting our students in pursuit of their post high school educations. They have funded the following special awards for 2009-2010. Ardmore Womens Club – Emma Ferguson Aurora Award – Jessica Kreppel Bala Cynwyd Middle School Award – David Bernstein Beverly and Barry Brooks Award – Christopher Bakanaskas Beverly and Barry Brooks Award – Kionna Clinkscales Phillip B. Cappalonga Scholarship – Erin Knox George Cerio Award – Ethan Cohen Ann and Frank Cestare Scholarship – Emma Ferguson Cynwyd H.S.A. Award – Albert Eisenberg Trey Davis Scholarship – Joanna Qian Sabrina Dechnick Scholarship – Rebecca Rottinger Donald Eppinger Award – Jacob Eisenhard L.A. Eppinger Award – Paul Hernandez Michael and Barbara Fanning Scholarship – Grace Ferguson Daniel Paul Fidler Scholarhsip – Deborah Riehl-Williams Albert A. Garthwaite, Jr. Memorial – Mira Sigel-Feldman George H. Gilbert Scholarship – Grace Ferguson Nancy Giordano Memorial Award – Ivan Michultka-Calel Pheobe W. HAAS Charitable Trust Award – Isaac Smith Harriton Classes of 76 & 77 Scholarship – Suzanne Borchard Harriton H.S.A. Award – Margaret Ferguson Hassel Foundation Scholarship – Cocia Millis HHS ’09 Student Council Award – Gabrella Bressi Mary Anne Hinkle Memorial Scholarship – Ashley Cappelli Lower Merion Class of 1966 – Harris Freedman Lower Merion Class of 1997 Award – Caitlin Finley Lower Merion Class of 2008 Award – Andrew LeDonne Lower Merion/Harriton Alumni Association – Dongjin Jang Lower Merion Education Assocation – Ryan Jin Touhill Lower Merion Education Assocation – Richard He Agnes M. Mahon Award – Taylor Hartsfield-Jarmon Merion Community Award – Aaron Goldberg-Leopold Merion Elementary H.S.A. Award – Yifei Kong John H. O’Donnell Memorial Award – Anthony Venafra Joseph (Joey) Pacifico/Class of ’69 Award – Eric Tseng Felicial Pancoast Memorial Awad – Samuel Votto Panera Bread Award – Morgan Anderson Hank Plumley Award – David Schall III Award – Chasya Libowitz Albert and Beverly Schiffrin Award – julie Waters Nort Seaman Award – Jessica Sahms Florence Sheperd Award – Mitchell Lyon Jackye Smith Scholarship – Jessica Curry-Keith Athie Sosangelis-White Scholarship – Jessica Rothstein Maurice L. Strauss – Hou Lam John A. Turner Memorial Award – Claire Krotkov Judy Vietri Scholarship – Wesley Gunter JoAnn Waters Memorial Award – Eun Jeong Choi